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Theodora (UK)


Theodora has been performing since childhood.  She is Australian, of Greek-Cypriot decent, who broke free of the supported confines of her community to awake the dream within her and discover where freedom exists.

Theodora gained ‘stardom’ at an early age within the local community where she would regularly perform at local events and on the radio.

Young Talent Time – at 9 years old, Theodora was selected to perform on this successful Australian television variety program whose alumni include Tina Arena and Dannii Minogue.

Having had her talent recognised, Theodora was signed by an artist management team and performed within the Melbourne club/dance scene.

Theodora has performed in Musicals.  She played the leading role in ‘Talk Show’ which headlined at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Theodora featured on ‘Amen Kickin Hard’, a Dance album, which sold out during the first week of its release.  She wrote and sang the track called ‘I’ll Take You There’ which was voted to number 1 by Kiss FM listeners.

Now in London, Theodora has continued to work on new material and has taken her song writing to a new intensity.