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Last Mistress (MEL)


A ‘Mistress’, by definition, is a woman in a position of authority and control and that’s exactly what happens when front woman Brihony Dawson steps onto the stage and commands the role of the Last Mistress. When tracks like ‘Step Up’ and ‘Vertical Smile’ start pumping their way into your ears, you might find them touching you in places you’ve always wanted to be touched.

Banging for the Mistress is ex Neon and Evermore drummer Anthony Troiano. Anthony has supported acts like Lupe Fiasco, The Vines and Rose TaMoo.

After opening shows for Bon Jovi, Airbourne, The Screaming Jets, Kram and many more, Dean Williams strums for the Mistress like no other on rhythm guitar.

Slappin’ the Mistress b-­ass is blonde bombshell Ken Hennessy who has played with the likes of David Bowie drummer Sterling Campbell and opened for bands like Vasco Era and Trial Kennedy.

Bringing up the rear of the Mistress is the sensational, finger – lickin’ lead guitar styling of Gabriel Atkinson. Gabriel was a member of New Zealand rock band Weta, has played with Grinspoon and has supported the likes of the Foo Fighters, Everclear and Soundgarden.

Last Mistress are made in Melbourne and they’re here to rock the pop into you!